Ndara means to be skilled in Sango, the national language of the Central African Republic. Someone who has Ndara, is someone who is skilled.

You as a Ndara customer buy a unique piece of craft with history. Buying a Ndara product you support the women and men of CAR to help themselves and therefore you are also a part of changing the story of CAR. As a customer of Ndara you do not only buy a beautiful product, but you buy a story of strong women and men who never give up, who fight for their families and who see joy in the middle of darkness. You help them tell their story. Another story.

Ndara is a private company founded in 2017 by Charlotte Mararv and Racey Henderson that aims to support the resilient and skilled Central Africans through steady income, skills training and business development.  Ndara employs Central African women and men to make beautiful handmade products with local materials.  While they receive a salary to do their work, they are also trained in product production, business management and marketing. Our hope is that someday, Ndara can be owned and managed by Central Africans. Because of this goal, all of our activities are focused on building skills – Ndara – to support resilience and hope in this fragile country.



A team of women and men work daily in Bangui to produce what Ndara sells. As Ndara grows, so too will the number of people we employ. In our product line you will find certain products that are staples, others will be available for a limited time only. As we strive to develop our team’s skills and assets we are constantly looking for and trying out ideas for new products and collaborations.

Local Sourcing

CAR is located in the center of Africa, farm from shipping lines and coastal ports.  Roads connecting CAR to trade hubs in other countries are pour, and insecure due to the war.  These realities mean that production supplies are always limited and expensive, and that the benefits to using locally sourced and recycled materials are significant.  Our products are made with many reused materials such as second hand fabrics, plastic bags and bottle capsules.  When possible eco-friendly dyes and raw materials are also used.


Ndara believes that self-relience and independence is the most important factor of change in a community, and we design production projects that will target the largest number of Central African’s as possible. We believe in sustainability and growing slowly, and finding the right people. The right people to produce, and the right people to buy. Together, we believe that we will tell another story of CAR. A story where skills, determination and perseverance is key.