Nadia Yatingba

Nadia Yatigba loves fashion, colors and style and always shows up to work wearing her best clothes, often sporting outfits that she herself has stitched or altered. Nadia has always loved to work with her hands and she was taught how to sew as a young child. Ndara is giving her an opportunity to use this skill and her creative mind and sense of style towards creating a life for herself and her two children.

What is your role at Ndara?
I stitch rugs, and help the other women with their techniques. As I am used to stitching and embroidering, I show the other women how they can get better quality by improving their techniques. I’ve also helped on the new indigo dye project – and learnt a lot about dyeing!

How do you cope with the challenges of Bangui and the Central African Republic?

We’ve gotten used to the violence. When it was really bad, we fled over the river to the Congo where we stayed for many months. The situation is calmer now, so we have returned home, our daughters’ schools has reopened. We always try to make the best of every day, and when you have children you have to show them things that make them laugh; every day. If they laugh, then I laugh. And then life feels much better.

What do you dream of?

Of course I dream of peace and stability for my family, and for my daughters to go to schools and live long lives. But I dream of being able to go into one of those big fabric stores I’ve seen on television and buying any fabric that I want. And then to sew whatever dress I want of that fabric. Imagine how wonderful that would be? I dream of sewing beautiful dresses for my daughters and of teaching them how to sew.


Racey Henderson