Pulcherie Yaliké

The Ndara team calls her “the radio”. Her daughters call her “the General”.  Pulchiere always has a good story to tell, a big smile and a loud laugh to offer anyone in hearing distance. A larger than life personality in a small frame, she fills the air around her with positive energy.

Pulchiere Yaliké is a powerhouse, a force to be taken into consideration. Something that her six daughters have come to learn, as she gathers them every night for dinner and cross exams their homework.

Why is Ndara important to you?

I am a widow, and I have raised my six children alone getting by day-to-day without really knowing what will happen tomorrow. Ndara gives me the possibility to plan, and a vision. I know I will have money to pay for rent, for food and for schooling for my girls.

How important are friendships among women to you?

It’s everything! Friendship and sisterhood is what has kept me and my children alive. When my husband died I did not want to remarry, even though our tradition and culture does not really permit a single mother to stay single. Everyone in my family told me to get married. But I refused, because I wanted to focus all my time and energy on my girls and their future. It is thanks to my friends, other women and sisters, that I am here today.

What are your goals for the future?

My first goal is to get all my daughters through school. It’s hard work, they would rather spend time with their boyfriends. They need to finish school so that they have more possibilities and opportunities than me. I would like to be very good at weaving and stitching, so maybe I can open a shop. I would also like to learn how to read and write properly, so that I don’t have to ask my children for help.

Racey Henderson