Email to inquire about shipping costs.

Prices on the website are international prices. If you are located in Bangui please contact us to get the local price, as well as pick up options.

As you might imagine shipping products from a war torn country is not easy or cheap.  As the context evolves in CAR, so too will our shipping options.  We will try to keep shipping costs as reasonable and as flexible as possible. 

Some Ndara products are stocked in the US and some are stocked in CAR therefore shipping costs to US/Europe will not only depend on quantity ordered and destination, but also on where the item is located. Shipping will likely range from $30-$100. Heavier items like rugs will cost more than lighter items such as placemats.

You will be billed separately for shipping once your order is received, product location identified and shipping destination known. 

If shipping costs are a barrier to you purchasing an Ndara product please contact us and let us know.  Often we can find ways to hand-transport products from CAR to the US or Europe, significantly reducing shipping costs.
If you are in CAR, you're lucky! Picking up your Ndara product in CAR is free.  Contact to schedule a visit the Bangui-based workshop, meet the makers and pick up your product.