Lounge in style with Ndara’s one of a kind bathrobe. Soft and smooth, with lots of attitude and personality each bathrobe exists only in one example. Made out of traditional African pagne, lined with a thin white cotton fabric. With mid-length, wide arms, a belt in the waist, pockets and a that perfect length down to just under the knee they are perfect for being comfortable in style.

SARA is a mix of three different pagne fabrics, sown together in a patchwork style, lined with white cotton. She has some extra character and personality and demands to be seen.

SYLVIE is sown out of one pagne fabric, lined with white cotton. She is classy, simple yet one of a kind.

Alain Nkossi made this bathrobe.  Read his story here

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Your Ndara product is an artisanal, handmade, product.

Bath robes can be washed in machine on a mild cycle using color guard laundry detergent.

Line dry. Colors may bleed slightly in first washings.